Toronto and Niagara : the perfect pack for summer 2023

By Abdoul Kamagate on Mar 1 2023

Summer is the best time to visit the busy city of Toronto. You’ll certainly enjoy the hot weather and activities of Toronto. But why visit one great city when you can visit two? Combining your travels makes for an optimal trip. Because of that, we recommend that you visit Toronto and Niagara Falls in one trip! Niagara Falls is 2 hours from Toronto by car, train and bus. It’s super easy to get to and definitely a must is you are in the GTA area! In this article, the Bagsort Team is sharing with you the best things to do in these great cities.


CN Tower (Toronto)

What is it ? : Named Canadian National Tower, it’s one of the tallest towers in North America and in the world with its iconic 553,33 meter. It’s the jewel of the city.

Why go : It’s impossible to visit Toronto without seeing the CN Tower, mainly because its spire dominates the landscape. You should go to the LookOut Level (which is inside CN Tower at 346 meters height). It has a fantastic view of the city. Why not admire the horizon as you walk over the glass floor 342 meters above the ground. After that, you’d probably like to keep your stomach happy. Don’t panic! The Famous 360 Restaurant

CN Tower could also be a cheap activity because you’re not required to go inside. You can look at the tower outside and take great pictures and videos. All in all, it’s a good family activity.

Where to eat : We recommend Chipotle Mexican Grill (Mexican Cuisine) and Five guys (a famous fast-food restaurant) located near the tower.

Source: Samuel Scroth / unsplash

Ripley Aquarium and others (Toronto)

An excellent addition to your CN Tower tour is the Ripley Aquarium ! It’s a Toronto must-see. Ripley’s Aquarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums and attracts guests from across the globe.There are a lot of experiences inside : The Dangerous Lagoon, the Pacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish, the longest underwater tunnel in North America and more than 20,000 aquatic animals. The entire experience is around 2 hours. Overall, this is an incredible attraction to do with your family and friends.

Source: Chaintanya Rayampally / unsplash

Would you like a cheap family activity? We suggest The National Railway Museum of Toronto located near the CN Tower. The museum is dedicated to the history of the Canadian Train. It’s a fun activity and educational. In addition, it will cost you around 10 $ per adult and 5 $ per child. Furthermore, during the summer, the museum organizes a mini-train-tour at the foot of the tower. Along the way, you can see the entirety of Roundhouse Park, our rolling stock, and the famous CN Tower. It’s fun for parents and kids and it’s one of the best family activities in town!

Source: Michael Berry / Pinterest

You must also consider The Rogers Centre. It’s the most important and famous stadium in Canada. Why? Simply because the Rogers Centre is home of the baseball team (Toronto Blue Jays) and the Toronto Argonauts Football Team. Moreover, the Rogers Centre has received a lot of awards ceremonies and concerts (Drake, Justin Bieber). It is one of Toronto’s top tourist attractions and a model for architects of the future.

Source: Rogers Centre / Pinterest

Harbourfront Centre and Toronto Islands (Toronto)

What is it ? : It’s simply an area located near Lake Ontario, Billshop Airport and Toronto Islands. Its central location makes it a Toronto must-see. So don’t miss exploring the neighborhood’s unique city-meets-lakeside vibe.

Why go : Visiting the harbourfront is free. It’s located near Queensway (10 min foot from the CN Tower). From there, you can admire the CN Tower, the Toronto Music Garden, the Marina of Toronto, Planes landing at Billy Shop Airport and Ontario Lake. You can also book a boat-tour by City Experiences Toronto during the summer. The cruise lasts 45 min or 1h30 min and takes you to the famous Toronto Islands.

Where to eat : You must taste Beavertails! It’s one of the most famous Canadian pastries. You’ll not regret it and your children will love it. Fun fact, in 2009, on his first official visit to Canada, President Obama stopped at Beavertails (Ottawa) and enjoyed the famous pastry for himself!

Source: Yash Golwala / Unsplash

Nathan’s Phillips Square and downtown (Toronto)

What is it ? : Nathan’s Phillips Square, located downtown, is the heart of Toronto. It hosts the old and new city hall, a fabulous place to visit. It is also close to Toronto Eaton Centre mall and the Yonge Dundas Square (otherwise known as Times Square).

Source: Venrick Azcueta / Unsplash

Why go : Every year, more than 1.8 million visitors visit this famous Toronto site, which hosts many events such as New Year’s celebrations or Remembrance Day. Sometimes, if you get lucky, you’ll see weddings, too. In addition, it’s a free activity! During the summer there are plenty of street foods and snacks (ice cream, popcorn, hot dog) which are delicious. You must eat at a Melt n dip Restaurant! It’s a 10 min walk from Nathan Phillips Square. This restaurant specializes in chocolate desserts. We believe it’s one of the best dessert restaurants in all of Toronto.

Source: Justin Ziadeh / Unsplash

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Voyage To the Falls (Niagara Falls)

For the second part of your trip, we recommend you stay for 2 days to enjoy some of the attractions Niagara Falls has to offer. We know your children will love it! But plan your budget carefully because it can get a bit pricey in Niagara Falls.

What is it ? : One of the seven natural wonders of the world. Niagara Falls is a collection of three waterfalls across two different countries. That’s why this place is known as a natural border between Canada and the USA. The largest of the three is Horseshoe Falls which is located in Canada (Ontario).

Why go: The ride takes around 20 minutes, but it will be the 20 unforgettable moments of your life. You’ll feel the amazing power of nature and be well soaked by water. Enjoy breathtaking views over American Falls and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. During summer, after sunset waterfalls display stunning colors and fireworks. It’s accessible to everyone and we assure you that it’s gonna be the most impressive activity in your life.

Source: Kalen Emsley / Unsplash

Niagara Sky Wheel and Clifton Hills (Niagara Falls)

What is it ? : You want to see Niagara Falls from above, but you don’t have money for a Helicopter tour ? This could be your activity. With 53 meters of height, The Skywheel is the perfect area to look at waterfalls over the sky.

Why go : he journey lasts about 10 minutes suspended in the sky to admire the waterfalls. Each ride also offers a view of downtown Niagara Falls. In addition, it’s located in Clifton Hill where there are a lot of restaurants, bars, and outdoor attractions for your children (Zombies Attack, Dino Adventure, Niagara’s speedway and so on…)

Source: Bianca Ackermann / Unsplash


1. Royal Ontario Museum and Ontario Museum (Toronto)

A perfect attraction of Toronto.The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) the cultural lung of Toronto. This museum is home to a wide variety of cultural and historical artifacts. It’s a Toronto must-see attraction and the most visited museum in Toronto. Your children will learn about First Nations and dinosaurs all the time.

Source: Hanzala Hafeji / Unsplash

Gardiner Museum is not so far from ROM. This splendid museum is dedicated to ceramics and the exterior architecture is very nice. Pick up your smartphones to take stunning pictures. Prices are not so expensive (15$/ adult and free for students/children).

Source: Fine Heart shippers / Pinterest

2. Art Gallery Museum (Toronto)

This Museum (AGO) is one of the most visited in Toronto. Set in Grange Park in downtown Toronto, it houses an impressive collection of contemporary art. The AGO opened its doors in 1900 and today gathers unique pieces of art such as Inuit, African artists or Canadian Indigenous and paintings from Picasso, Michelangelo and Vicent Van Gogh. In addition, it’s very cheap (25$/adult and free for students and children). So don’t hesitate!

Source: nuvomagazine / Pinterest

3. White Water Walk (Niagara)

When we talk about Niagara Falls, a lot of people think about the falls only, but there is another must-see of Niagara which is White Water Walk. Since it is not well known, you and your family can enjoy a quiet and relaxing place while admiring nature. Why not have a picnic and take mind-blowing photos? It is accessible via the Niagara Falls bus called WEGO and will cost around $17/adult and $11.50/child. Yes. your dream of an eco-friendly traveling experience, you have to consider this attraction.

Source: narcity / Pinterest

4.Casa Loma and Spadina House (Toronto)

Casa Loma is another excellent attraction in Toronto. It’s a formal Spanish house on the hill built in 1914 during World War I. Today, Casa Loma is a kind of museum that hosts some fabulous areas such as The Oak Room (Formal room of a rich person) or a Conservatory which will plunge you into the universe of the time. In addition, outside there’s a vintage free car collection (1910 Model Q cars or a 1922 Ford Model T) with a replica of Lady Diana’s car as a bonus. There’s also a magnificent fountain. If you would like to visit inside, you must book online in advance !

Source: Tommao Wang / Unsplash

The Spadina house is also an amazing free museum located near Casa-Loma which is a witness to the evolution of the city. A guide will bring you inside the house that hosts more than 20 bedrooms ! The visit lasts around 1h30 minutes, but it’s worth it ! You must visit!

Source: The culture trip / Pinterest

5. Butterfly Conservatory (Niagara)

Nature lover, you must see it! ! If you spend 2 days in Niagara Falls, Butterfly Conservatory is the place to be. Built in 1996, The Butterfly Conservatory is today the largest Conservatory in North America. It quickly became a “must-see” attraction and has since welcomed millions of guests to explore and learn about the delicate beauty and fascinating life cycles of butterflies in a tropical paradise environment. It’ll be the perfect time to show to your children various species of butterfly, in their pupae stage, hang in this enclosed space.

Source: Flickr / Pinterest

6. High Park (Toronto)

High Park is called Toronto’s Central Park because it is the largest public park in the greater Toronto area (GTA). This park is home to thousands of different kinds of trees and also a free zoological park. You should go there to see the diverse vegetation, a lake, a dog park, picnic and some formal houses.

Source: High Park / Pinterest