It's Patio Season! Check Out These 15 Amazing Rooftop Patios and Terraces in Montreal

By Matthew Kranabetter on Jun 26 2020

As the summer kicks into gear and COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease up, patio season is now upon us! Bagsort is here and wants to help fulfill all of your patio needs. There are tons of awesome patios to check out in Montreal that are perfect for a cold drink on a hot day, some delicious food, and nice picture opportunities for you and your friends or family. Here are Bagsorts picks of 15 of the best rooftop patios and terraces in Montreal!

1. Agrikol


1844 Rue Amherst - Le Village, Montreal, QC

Agrikol delivers delicious Haitian cuisine on a beautiful backyard style patio. This is an amazing spot to enjoy some authentic Haitian food along with rum cocktails for a hot day. If you are looking for a patio spot with great décor and ambiance then this is sure to satisfy as one of the best patios.

2. Grenade Bar

Facebook/Grenade Bar

1603 Rue Ontario E, Montreal, QC

Grenade Bar was voted the best patio in Montreal and also delivers delicious Asian cuisine. The patio is very well decorated with various elements from Asian cultures which is also the perfect photo opportunity for you and your friends. Enjoy some amazing Asian cuisine and get a beautiful patio experience at the same time.

3. Perché Montreal

Facebook/Perche MTL

153, rue St-Amable, 4e étage, Vieux-Montréal

Perché Montreal is a premier rooftop patio located in Old Montreal that overlooks Place Jacques-Cartier. Come enjoy a healthy menu that features a mix of foods inspired by California. Perché Montreal also offers a nighttime rooftop patio experience that is heated for your comfort on cool evenings and sun protection if it gets too hot.

4. Biiru


1433 City Councillors St, Montreal, QC

If you’re looking to get some Japanese food and enjoy a nice quiet patio experience then Biiru is your spot. Biiru offers an assortment of both traditional and refined Japanese food along with cocktails to enjoy. The patio is decorated with Japanese décor and in particular they use Japanese lanterns that stretch wide across the patio.

5. Kampai Garden

Facebook/Kampai Garden

1616 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC

Kampai Garden is one of Montreal’s largest on street patios leaving you plenty of space to enjoy some Asian cuisine and a large patio experience. Kampai is a comfortable patio spot for both Asian style food and a variety of drinks. Despite Kampai’s large patio size it still can often fill up like the other locations so be sure to consider a reservation.

6. Terrasse St-Ambroise

St-Ambroise Terrace

5080 St Ambroise St, Montreal, QC

When it’s summer time sometimes all you need is a cold one and some classic BBQ. This is exactly what St-Ambroise Terrasse is delivering along with an awesome patio experience that is very laid back with some nice scenery around the patio. The BBQ options are everything that you think of when you think “BBQ” and they have beer on tap ready for a warm summer’s day.

7. Terrace Place D’Armes

Facebook/Terrasse Place D’Armes

55 St Jacques St 8e étage, Montreal, QC

Terrasse Place D’Armes is a perfect place to take advantage of an evening happy hour offer on a stunning rooftop patio in Old Montreal. Come hangout with your friends and take in gorgeous rooftop views of both Old Montreal and the downtown area. Not to mention the original cocktails and delicious food you can get!

8. Le Saint-Bock

Facebook/Saint Bock

1749 St Denis St, Montreal, QC

If you’re looking for a cold drink on a hot summers day then Le Saint-Bock is famous around Montreal for their assortment of drink offerings. With over 40 beers on tap and over 800 bottles there is sure to be a drink for you, and likely something you’ve never even tried yet. Enjoy your drink and all types of pub style food while relaxing on one of Montreal’s largest and best patios.

9. Boris Bistro

Facebook/Boris Bistro

465 McGill St, Montreal, QC

Boris Bistro is a quiet European style restaurant with a patio experience that is ideal for a date night or an elegant night out with friends or colleagues. The patio experience is perfect for anyone looking for shaded areas with the natural shading from trees along with the umbrella shaded tables. As well, at night the patio has a very intimate feel that resembles European dining at night. Boris Bistro also offers a selection of wines that are perfect for pairing with your meal.

10. Labo Culinaire

Facebook/Labo Culinaire

1201 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC

This rooftop patio in Montreal features the opportunity to take in a beautiful view of the city and also experiment with different foods at the courtesy of chef Timothée Vielajus. You have the opportunity to try locally influenced cuisine and enjoy the rooftop patio experience. Come enjoy a fun rooftop patio experience in this amazing summer weather.

11. Marcus


1440 Rue de la Montagne, Montréal, QC

In the mood for seafood and an elegant dining experience? Well then Marcus is the place for you. Marcus restaurant and terrace is part of the four seasons hotel that stays true to the luxury experience you would expect from a restaurant that is part of the four seasons hotel. The décor and ambiance is perfect if you are looking for an intimate setting or to impress someone as everything about this restaurant screams “high class”. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and do it all on a very aesthetically pleasing patio for a perfect any time of day patio experience.

12. Le Jardin de Panos

Facebook/Le Jardin De Panos

521 Duluth Ave E, Montreal, QC

Come enjoy some delicious Greek food at a beautiful garden patio at Le Jardin de Panos. This restaurant offers a beautiful outdoor setting that is perfect for enjoying a summer day with friends. You can get all your favourite Greek meals and save costs on drinks as this restaurant is BYOB. Go hangout with your friends and enjoy a hot summer’s day at another one of Montreal’s best patios.

13. Rumi


5198 Hutchison St, Outremont, QC

It’s time to get your taste buds ready because Rumi Middle Eastern cuisine is taking your pallet on a trip to the Middle East, northern Africa, and central Asia, for all sorts of foods. What’s even better than that? Rumi is also one of the best patios for relaxing and taking a breather with its calm environment. There are delicious brunch options offered along with a lunch and supper menu which makes this a patio experience you can check out at any time of the day.

14. Terrace Nelligan

Facebook/Terrasse Nelligan

106 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal, QC

Located on the rooftop of one of Montreal’s most iconic hotels (Hôtel Nelligan) is the Terrasse Nelligan. Come enjoy beautiful views of Montreal with sites such as the Notre Dame Basilica on one of Montreal’s best rooftop patios. No matter the time of day of breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this rooftop patio is ready to serve you with an amazing colourful meal that is rich with flavour (and available Sangria!).

15. Teracce Sur L’Auberge

Facebook/Terrasse Sur L’Auberge

97 Rue de la Commune E, Montréal, QC

Terrasse Sur L’Auberge has both a quiet or party rooftop patio atmosphere depending on what time of day you go. The quiet atmosphere is during the day and at night the party starts. This rooftop patio also has a beautiful view of Old Montreal that is definitely worth checking out.