The Best Travel Blogs in Montreal

By Ashley Belleau-Dame on Jan 9 2020

Our Top 15 Travel Blogs in Montreal

Today’s many travelers look for experiences and ideas through travel blogs, which have become the main source of inspiration when planning for a trip. But with so many blogs out there, finding the best ones might be challenging. That’s why our team extensively searched to discover the best travel blogs in Montreal.

Most of the blogs mentioned are from Montreal as we gave great importance to local content creators and bloggers. Even though some of the blogs mentionned are not as active as they used to be, we felt that they had great travel content available for readers! It’s important to note that the nominated blogs weren’t listed in any particular order, as we believe that all of them deserved to be awarded for their insightful and interesting content. All of them are extremely relevant to the world of travel so go check them out!

We have carefully chosen the nominated blogs with these specific criteria in mind:

  1. Blogs gave great advice or outlook on traveling in big cities;
  2. Originality;
  3. Content of the blog is relevant to travel and lifestyle;
  4. Quality content; and
  5. Blog is aesthetically pleasing.
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All the nominated bloggers are more than welcome to use the Bagsort’s award badge to display their nomination to their audience by inserting the following code on their website!

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Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads

The name Legal Nomads says it all: Blogger Jodi Ettenberg used to be a busy Lawyer in Montreal until she decided to take a sabbatical to travel around the world. What was first a sabbatical year became an actual career! With her blog ‘’Legal Nomads’’ she is allowing us to explore countries through food (since Jodi is a celiac, it is very interesting to see her succeed in finding celiac-friendly meals), wellness, beautiful pictures and more! Her Montreal guide will definitely help you navigate through the best activities and celiac friendly restaurants in the city!

Guide Ulysse


This French written blog is amazing! On their blog, they give good advice on eco-friendly traveling throughout each continent! They also help you choose the best maps, travel book guides, activities and more! Check it out, it will give you a chance to practice your French!

Ken Kaminesky

Ken photography

Ken Kaminesky is taking us through his travel experiences with amazing pictures. While most of the content on his blog is photographed, it is beautifully done! Ken’s photographs are really transmitting the story of his travel tales from all around the world!

Decouverte monde

Découverte monde

Yes! Another French written blog. Rachel is a trained geographer, which you will see is evident! She has a very different and original point of view on her travel which is very well expressed throughout her articles. She shares the stories of her travels since 2008 on her journey to achieve her goal: go around the world and see as much of every country as possible! She also has an awesome section of her blog entirely dedicated to traveling in the province of Quebec!

The blonde abroad

It is no surprise that the Blonde Abroad is featured on this list! As one of the few non-local blogs that were chosen, it is definitely one of the best travel blogs out there! Her ULTIMATE guide to Montreal is extremely detailed while being very easy to read and great for travelers who want to have a good idea of what traveling to Montreal is like! She takes you through what you should expect, how to get around, where to stay, what to eat and more! Check-it out!

Hand luggage only

Hand luggage Only

Another non-local blog was chosen for its great content and amazing guide about Montreal. Yaya and Lloyd decided to create their blog in between university assignments in Cambridge and here they are! Their Montreal guide takes on a different perspective of the Metropole! The UK bloggers give you the top 10 best things to do in Montreal. From old Montreal to the botanical garden, you will get a real overview of the whole city!

Kelled style


This blog is not exclusively focused on travel. These Parisian sisters established themselves in Montreal and now write about art, lifestyle, beauty, travel, events and even more! Their blog articles are very detailed and quite interesting to read! You will love following these ladies in their lavish lifestyle and travels!

Y travel blog

Y travel

Caz and Craig definitely bring a different aspect of traveling with their family traveling blog! They’re originally from Australia and their blog will, without a doubt, help you escape your day to day routine once in a while! They have made a great Montreal guide (it even has a table of contents)! They go from explaining ‘’what to do’’ to pointing out their favorite neighborhood and also explaining why they love Montreal!

Montreal Maven

Montreal Maven

Montreal Maven is a blog that is not specifically focused on travel. This awesome blog sharing everything about Montreal! This very aesthetically pleasing site is amazing if you want to get a very detailed and specific view of the city. Usually, Cally’s articles are about specific places in Montreal or she will do Maven monthly’s which are articles about her favorites of the month and the new spots in town!

With all my affection

With all my affection

Arielle is a great Montreal blogger! She started her fashion, travel and lifestyle blog in 2013 and now has readers from over 150 countries! With her background in graphic design, Arielle definitely delivered on the aesthetic. Go check her out for beautifully written articles and great photographs!

Globe stoppeuse

Globe stoppeuse

Anick-Marie’s blog gives you travel… with a twist! She shares everything there is to know about traveling solo as a woman and hitchhiking! She gives you lots of tips and tricks about alternative travel techniques and security! She also does reader mail and more!

To europe and beyond

To europe and beyond

This blog is quite amazing! This Montrealer gives a different insight on her travel as she shares her passion for architecture through her travels. Her articles are full of beautiful photographs and easy to read! She caters to anyone who wants to learn useful tips about traveling! Go check her out!

A Montrealer abroad

A Montrealer abroad

A Montrealer abroad is a very original blog! The blogger travels all around the world and shares everything about anything! In this blog, you can find articles about business, education, entertainment, fitness, love, sports but most of all, travel! You will find articles for all tastes as the writer is extremely creative with the topics!

Moi, mes souliers

Moi, mes souliers

Do you like colorful blogs? You will definitely love Jennifer’s blog! This French written blog is beautifully written. Another opportunity to practice your French! Talking about languages, Jennifer is actually fluent in 5! In her blogs, you will find travel stories, tips, and tricks, treats and more! This blog is for any type of traveler if you love to read great articles!


Taxi Brousse

Marie-Julie Gagnon has a pretty different background than the other bloggers we featured in this guide. She worked as a journalist, columnist, researcher, reporter television writer and more! She has published over twelve books. Needless to say, she is very impressive! Her blog gives a new angle to travel and we love it!