The Best Travel blogs in Vancouver

By Ashley Belleau-Dame on Jan 9 2020

Our Top 10 Travel Blogs in Vancouver

Today’s many travelers look for experiences and ideas through travel blogs, which have become the main source of inspiration when planning for a trip. But with so many blogs out there, finding the best ones might be challenging. That’s why our team extensively searched to discover the best travel blogs in Vancouver.

Most of the blogs mentioned are from Vancouver as we gave great importance to local content creators and bloggers. It’s important to note that the nominated blogs weren’t listed in any particular order, as we believe that all of them deserved to be awarded for their insightful and interesting content. All of them are extremely relevant to the world of travel so go check them out!

We have carefully chosen the nominated blogs with these specific criteria in mind:

  1. Blogs gave great advice or outlook on traveling in big cities;
  2. Originality;
  3. Content of the blog is relevant to travel and lifestyle;
  4. Quality content; and
  5. Blog is aesthetically pleasing.
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The Unconventional route

The Unconventional Route

You will love Chris and Kim’s blog! They talk about all things unconventional for example: they rewrote the usual travel tips and tricks in tips and tricks 2.0. On this Vancouver couple travel blog, you will find unusual articles about travel, fitness, and life in general!

Wanderlust Style


The Wanderlustyle blog is amazing! This Hawaiian couple shares their travel stories with plenty of anecdotes. You will especially love their 4-day travel guide and itinerary to Vancouver! They give great advice about flights, cash exchange, accommodations, food, activities and more!

Round the world girl

Round the world girl
Arnette’s blog is very refreshing! She is a solo female traveler that loves great food and amazing experiences! Her moving story about her first 19 months of travel is truly inspiring. As a social media consultant, she definitely has the knowledge and experience to share her stories in the best of ways possible!

Traveling Canucks

Traveling Canucks
This vancouver family really does it all! Calling themselves the traveling Canucks, in 2008 they did what everybody dreams of doing: quit their job to travel! They now travel in style with their two boys and created great guides and top lists of things to do while you travel!

To vogue or bust

To vogue or bust
Alexandra Grant’s blog is definitely very aesthetically pleasing. She gives great advice about travelling while being fashionable! Her articles are very unique and easy to read. You will especially love her blog post about 8 date ideas in Vancouver! Go check her out.

Miss 604

Miss 604
Rebecca’s blog is all about her life in Vancouver! She is Western Canada’s most award winning blogger! She writes very interesting articles about what is going on is the city from restaurants, plays, shows, museums and more! If you want an in depth look at Vancouver, this is the blog for you!

Go, Live, Explore

Go live explore
Alicia’s blog is filled with beautiful pictures and great articles. In ‘’Go, Live, Explore’’ She writes about her travels, beauty, lifestyle and fashion. Are you planning a trip to Vancouver? Or are you planning on moving to this beautiful city? If so, Alicia’s has a complete city guide where she gives you advice on everything Vancouver!

Happiest Outdoors

 Happiest Outdoors
If you are an outdoors addict, Taryn’s blog is definitely for you! She blogs about her travels and outdoor activities where she is happiest (therefore the name of her bog!) Taryn has very detailed blogs posts about many outdoor activities you might like!

Two scots abroad

Two scots abroad
Gemma and Craig’s travel blog contains very useful packing tips and tricks and great travel guides. They wrote a very detailed and interesting travel guide about Vancouver. They take you through a whole day in the city, they give 32+ great winter activities to do in Vancouver and even provide a hotel guide! Check them out!

Candice Camera Online

Candice Camera
Candice’s 5 days guide to Vancouver is amazing! It has everything you need to know about the city! She gives a great description of Stanley Park, highway 99, Granville, downtown and more! Her blog is sprinkled with beautiful pictures of local scenery and landscapes. It is definitely a must see!