9 Travel Incentives for Tourists Post COVID-19

By Matthew Kranabetter on Jun 17 2020

The COVID 19 crisis has had massive impacts on tourism and international travel. As countries began to shut their boarders many peoples vacations had been cancelled, or the vacation they were thinking of was no longer a possibility. It’s too early to say we’re out of the woods yet, but slowly but surely COVID 19 restrictions are loosening up and tanning on the beach or exploring historical monuments around the world will soon be a possibility again!

This is where we come in. Bagsort wants to help you get back to safely enjoying beaches, monuments, and beautiful weather as soon as possible AND at the best price. Countries and cruise lines around the world are offering travel incentives to get people travelling again. After a little bit of digging we’ve found the best 9 deals that you can take advantage of to get travelling. With that, here are 9 travel incentives for tourists post-COVID 19.

Top 3 Travel Incentives by Country

Countries around the world are starting to look at what travel incentives they can offer to travellers to get them back on vacation for a post-COVID 19 world. Currently there are three countries that are clearly offering the best general travel incentives, and here they are:


Launching on June 15th 2020, over 200 hotels and resorts in Mexico are offering amazing incentives centred around the number 2. The reason for the number 2 you may ask? Well the campaign is centred around the #Come2MexicanCarribean with a play on the number 2.

Some of the amazing travel incentives centred around the number 2 that you can find are:

• 2 free nights for every 2 nights booked
• A free stay for 2 children when 2 adults book
• 2 free days of car rentals for every 2 days booked

The majority of these promotions are concentrated in the Cancun, Mexico area, while other areas of Mexico such as Isla Mujeres and the Rivera Maya region are participating in the same program. There are also tons of other travel incentives such as 20% off spa and golf course admissions, 2 for 1 theme park admissions, and more. It’s unclear how long these travel incentives will last for but if Mexico was on your destination list, make sure to take advantage of them while you can!

Sicily, Italy

While specific dates have not been mentioned, the island of Sicily, Italy is offering to pay half of your airline cost and a third of hotel costs when international travel resumes later in the year. Even more than that, the island is offering to cover the admission costs of their museums and archeological sites. Wow, talk about getting a bit of everything!

There is tons to do if you decide to go to Sicily. They have beautiful beaches if you are looking for a relaxed vacation. Furthermore, Sicily also is home to three different volcanos including the highest volcano in Europe and tons of historical museums and archeological sites (with the aforementioned free admission). If you want to check out a European island while getting some amazing travel incentives then Sicily is your place.


What does “Go To Travel ” mean to you? Well for Japan, this is a new travel initiative in the early stages of development that is going to offer travel incentives for international travellers to choose Japan as their post-COVID 19 travel destination. Japan is the perfect place to get some amazing food, visit beautifully landscaped Japanese gardens, check out historical buildings and cultural monuments, and so much more.

If you can do so much in Japan and at a discount, what’s not to love? Here are some of the likely travel incentives to be offered to travellers:

• Covering a portion of travel expenses up to up to 20000 Yen – 186 USD / 253 CDN
• Prepaid vouchers up to 20% off meals
• Entertainment venues discounted up to 20% off

While these travel incentives are good, there are even better rumoured travel incentives such as half off airline tickets and three nights’ accommodation. We’ll just have to wait and see if they add this to the list!

Top 3 Travel Deals for the COVID 19 Cautious

If COVID 19 is at the top of your mind for any future travel, then these travel incentives offer safety and security while travelling in a COVID 19 world are the ones for you.


Who would want to spend all of the time and money it takes to travel, just to end up getting COVID 19 and having your trip plans impacted? Well, Cyprus is a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean that is offering travellers some peace of mind with COVID 19. Cyprus is paying for the food, accommodations, and medical expenses for any tourist and their families who attracts COVID 19 during their trip.

What’s makes this even better is that by travelling and having that peace of mind, you can be free to explore the islands great offerings. Cyprus is rich with history, natural beauty, and of course some beautiful oceans. When you combine the islands beauty with this COVID 19 travel incentive, then this really is the perfect island for the COVID 19 cautious.

Portugal and Iceland

These two countries of course are extremely different, but the deal they are offering is essentially the same thing which is why they are grouped together here. Portugal and Iceland are both offering free COVID-19 testing to visitors on arrival. So what that means is that those group tours you might be planning on taking will be COVID-19 free from your fellow tourists.

Portugal and Iceland both offer amazing activities to do as well. Portugal is home to castles, churches, palaces, and more that date back centuries ago. In the coastal areas of Portugal, there are beautiful beaches and views for everyone to enjoy. In Iceland there are incredible geothermal pools along with huge spas that are perfect for relaxation and recovery. During the Icelandic fall and winter season you also have the opportunity to check out the northern lights!

If your main concern is making sure others around you don’t have COVID 19, and even ensuring that you are not spreading it accidentally, then the Portugal and Iceland COVID 19 testing travel incentive is for you.

Top 3 Cruise Line Travel Incentives

Going on a cruise is an amazing way to relax and also see a lot of different ports and stops along the way, you also can’t complain about the food. Some cruise lines right now are offering some amazing travel incentives to get people back to sea, and here they are:

Jalesh Cruise Line

Never heard of Jalesh cruise line? Well Jalesh cruise line is the premier cruise line in India and they have some amazing travel incentives. By booking now and finalize the exact time of the booking at a later date, Jalesh is offering a 25% discount for booking the cruise. This travel incentive is the perfect option for travellers who know they want to book a cruise at a later date but just aren’t sure when yet. Also, with the cruise line located in India, you have opportunity to experience Indian culture both on the ship and at unique ports as part of your cruise.

Riviera Cruises

Starting in September 2020, Riviera cruises throughout Europe will be offered with some great travel incentives with some sweet discounts and bonuses.

These travel incentives include:

• Paying half the regular deposit for a double-occupancy cabin
• $400 in free on ship credit
• Combining the above two deals with any other deal offerings available through Riviera

Riviera Cruises are not as large as other major cruise lining companies but offer more of a luxury experience. Riviera focuses on offering fine dining and unique river exploration destinations during your cruise. If this luxury experience entices you, then these travel incentives are perfect for making your next cruise with Riviera.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

If you’ve ever wanted a cheap way to explore the Caribbean then Norwegian cruise line is the way to go with the travel incentives they are currently offering. Norwegian cruise line is offering 5 day Caribbean cruises priced from as low as $293 per person, that’s it, seriously. Not only that but you can cancel your cruise up to 48 hours before launch and receive a full credit to a future cruise. On top of that, the ports and excursions offered at these Caribbean islands are truly unique and an amazing opportunity to experience some great weather and Caribbean culture.

When you consider the peace of mind from Norwegians cancellation policy, an amazing cruise line with beautiful port destinations, and even better travel incentives, then choosing Norwegian cruise line is an easy choice.