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Luggage Storage Toronto

Are you planning to visit Toronto with the whole family? This is surely a great idea as Toronto is home to beautiful tourist spots and accommodating people. You’ll never run out of fun Things to do in Toronto.

But what if you arrive early at the Toronto Pearson airport or the union station (train station) and your accommodation is only available after a couple of hours? Not to worry! Bagsort luggage storage Toronto can save the day and allow you to get out and explore without worrying about your luggage.

Whether you are heading downtown Toronto or anywhere in the city, we have multiple storage locations.

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Bagsort storage locations in Toronto

Where can I store my luggage in Toronto?

1. Your Trusted Luggage Storage in Toronto:

Luggage lockers in Toronto are disappearing. Bagsort can help keep your belongings safe while you start exploring Toronto and its wonders. By going for our bags storage Toronto service, you don’t need to carry your heavy luggage around while waiting for your friends to come to pick you up. Air travel itself can be a hassle. But, once you land, what to do with your luggage doesn't have to be. Here are a few reasons why Bagsort offers the best baggage storage in Toronto:

✔ Easy, quick and risk-free.

We made it easy for you to book storage in Toronto as there is no app to download, everything is done on our website! Once your booking is completed online, you will instantly receive your directions. If you need to cancel, no worries! Cancellation is free and can be done through your account. If you have any questions or concerns about booking with us, we are here to help on our 24 hours live chat!

✔ Budget-Friendly

Baggage storage in Toronto with Bagsort won’t put a dent in your travel budget, we made sure of it! With us, you only pay CAD $7.90 per bag for 24 hours plus a one-time $2 handling fee. Don’t worry about losing any valuable items, the handling fee includes security seals and insurance coverage for your bags of up to $3,000 per booking.

✔ Safety of Your Bags Is Our Main Priority

Our service will not only free you from the burden of carrying your luggage but also guarantees that all your belongings will be secured. Your belongings are stored at local businesses such as retail shops, hotels, cafes and more that are devoted to keeping your bags safely. All partnered locations are physically vetted and verified by our team. Your bags will always be stored out of any public access and secured with uniquely coded tamper-proof security seals.

✔ No Size Restrictions

From time to time we have to travel with bulky items. Not a problem. There is no need to drag those items to your hotel room when we are here to help. We can store your golf clubs, skis, instruments, and anything that you may have that is large and bulky.

✔ Take as Much Time as Needed to Enjoy Toronto

We want you to enjoy your time in Toronto, there is so much to see! Don’t waste your time in a coffee shop stuck with your luggage. Many of our partnered locations are open around the clock to give you as much time as needed to visit the amazing city of Toronto. We offer same-day service or, you can schedule for a later date.

✔ Help save the planet

As sustainability is a core business value at Bagsort, we partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects. and launched Bagsort PlanTrees initiative. For every item stored with us, we commit to have one tree planted in an impoverished region of the world. Storing your luggage with Bagsort will make your trip stress-free while at the same time helping save our environment and create employment for people in countries where extreme poverty is rampant !

2. Luggage storage and lockers Toronto Pearson International Airport

Where can I find luggage storage near Toronto Pearson International Airport?

When you have a late night flight and an early check-out, it is always very inconvenient to lug around your bags all day while you wait to get to the airport. Instead, why not book one of our luggage storage close to Toronto Pearson International Airport and enjoy your day, hands-free!

3. Luggage storage Royal Ontario Museum

Where can I find luggage storage near the Royal Ontario Museum?

If you are a fan of museums, you will absolutely want to see the Royal Ontario Museum, it is the largest in Canada! Visiting such a place with your bags is a hassle, gratefully we have a luggage storage location a couple of steps away from the Royal Ontario Museum.

4. Luggage Storage Aga Khan Museum

Where can I find luggage storage near Aga Khan Museum?

If you like to discover art in different cultures, the Aga Khan Museum is for you. It is a museum with beautiful Islamic art. Great news! We have baggage storage in the neighborhood so that you don’t have to carry your heavy luggage around the museum.

5. Luggage storage and lockers Eaton Centre

Where can I find luggage storage near Eaton Center?

Shopaholic? We understand that. Shop your life away in Eaton Center while we keep your bags safe in one of our Eaton Center luggage storage locations!

6. Luggage storage Art Gallery of Ontario

Where can I find luggage storage near the Art Gallery of Ontario?

The art gallery of Ontario is home to some of the most beautiful art pieces in North America. You can leave your bags with us and we will store your bags for as long as you need for you to see all the amazing art pieces in the Art Gallery of Ontario.

7. Luggage storage Toronto Zoo

Where can I find luggage storage near Toronto Zoo?

The Toronto Zoo is like no other. Divided in different zoo geographic regions, it is the biggest zoo in Canada. You can easily spend a whole day there having fun! You won’t want to have your bags annoying you the whole time. Use one of our Toronto Zoo baggage storage and enjoy your day!

8. Luggage storage and lockers Union Station

Where can I find luggage storage near Union Station?

Union station in Toronto is at the crossroads of all train stations. VIA Rail Toronto luggage storage lockers are unfortunately only accessible to customers holding a ticket confirmed for a departure on the same day. We are here to help! Whether you are leaving late or arriving early, take the time to leave your bags at one of our luggage drop-offs by Union Station Toronto.

9. Luggage storage CN Tower

Where can I find luggage storage near CN Tower?

If you have never been to the CN tower before, it should definitely be at the top of your list. Enjoy the 360 amazing view of Toronto and take beautiful pictures! We have baggage storage (which are way better than the storage lockers) very close to the CN tower so you don’t have to worry about carrying your bags in this crowded attraction!

10. Luggage Storage Rogers Centre

Where can I find luggage storage near Rogers Center?

Are you a sports fan? Book tickets to a game of the famous Toronto Blue Jays and be ready for some excitement! As you know, you can’t bring big bags in Rogers Center. Don’t worry! Bagsort has luggage storage locations all around Rogers Center. Book one of our cheap luggage storage and enjoy the game!

11. Luggage storage Ripley’s Aquarium

Where can I find luggage storage near Ripley’s Aquarium?

Ripley’s Aquarium located in the Entertainment District is a great family activity! But family equals lots of stuff to carry! Leave the unessential items with us in one of our Ripley’s Aquarium storage locations.

12. Luggage storage and lockers Toronto Coach Terminal

Where can I find luggage storage near Toronto Coach Terminal?

Looking for luggage storage at the Toronto bus station, Coach Terminal? Don’t worry we have you covered. Drop your bags by Coach Terminal at only a few minutes to walk.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With a Luggage Storage Toronto

Probably the best part of our luggage storage service in Toronto is that it allows you to have peace of mind even if you plan to bring more luggage than usual. Many travellers hesitate to bring more because they have already experienced carrying or watching over too much luggage and it became a nightmare.

Store your luggage safely, our service gives you the option to bring everything that you need to enjoy your stay in Toronto and eliminates your worries about the hassle of handling and keeping all your luggage safe at the airport.

Don’t be held back to inquire about our luggage storage Toronto because you have a tight travel budget. This service is not as expensive as you might think. And the fair price that comes with this service is definitely worth paying for considering how it can make your travel hassle-free. Always remember that all the experiences you come across during your stay in Toronto will be a part of your precious travel memories so don’t let some bad experience concerning your luggage ruin it.

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